Project management

  • Attraction of Czech contractors for project implementation and coordination of their works
  • Cooperation with scientific and technological centers in Canada, England and Australia
  • Implementation of new technologies in customers’ projects
  • Fund raising for new technologies implementation
  • Coordination of supply of equipment from the Czech Republic

Project and structural export finance

  • Project finance  and export finance
  • Possibility to finance new projects or expand existing business entities with Czech investors equity participation
  • Public and private banks finance  under guarantees of export credit agencies  gives access to credit resources of European largest banks to develop industrial, agricultural, medical and construction projects
  • Legal, financial and design expertise
  • Preparation and monitoring of all necessary contracts until the return of funding
  • Financial control  of  investment projects execution

Procurement of equipment from Czech

  • The company has wide range of possibilities to organize design works and equipment supply
  • Our partners are major industrial manufacturers and engineering companies

Attraction of Czech project and construction contractors for project development

  • Czech companies secure highest standards of quality of works and manufactured equipment  at the level of the best European analogues at more competitive  prices
  • Historically, since the 1950s, Czech companies have working experience in  former Soviet Union  countries including such complex ones as design.   Many our  employees  are familiar  with Russian language, what is especially important for communication between technical experts


  • Preparation and monitoring of all necessary contracts until the funding return
  • Financial control of  investment projects execution
  • Project risks evaluation, risk management
  • Financial and structural modeling